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C.R.A.S.H. Course in


Classism Racism Ableism Sexism Heterosexism

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Winter North Session
February 16, 2023

Who should attend?

What People are Saying

Shannon Azzerello - testimonial still 1.png

There has been so many things I wasn’t expecting to learn … bring[ing] back moving recruitment from transactions to a more purposeful conscious opportunity to not only impact our student’s lives but also our employees … we talked about psychological safety, I felt so safe, it's just been invaluable.

Shannon Azzerello

Human Resources Recruitment Officer,

Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board

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Sajah Stiller - testimonial still 1.png

I have never in my career of 20 years as an educator seen an opportunity like this, that spoke to me so much. I wanted to be here, I did everything I could to be here. I wanted to see what it would mean to be valued, to be supported, to be promoted in a school board.  What’s hit home for me again is that we need White allies, we need Racialized, Indigenous, Black individuals to be together in the same spaces and hone in on what it is we are going to do to take action together.

Sajah Stiller

Safe Schools and Racial Equity Consultant


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Alanna Trines - testimonial still 1.png

I am really enjoying the fact that I am in the same room as the leadership in my system, so they’re hearing the exact same message about hiring practices and equity that I’m hearing so that when we go back to our board, there is no excuses about the fact that they’re not understanding what we need to be doing to do better.

Alanna Trines

Indigenous Education Lead,

Ottawa Catholic School Board

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Chris D'souza

Equity Strategist Chris D'souza will examine concepts of complex intersecting identities that can provide privilege or alternatively increase the potential to be oppressed in society and work environments.  In order to effect true change, one must understand the barriers and collaboratively implement long term anti-oppression strategies.

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6 - 8 pm – Reception/Dinner


9:00 am - 4:30 pm – C.R.A.S.H. Course

Optional reception:  Wednesday, February 15, 6-8 pm
Thursday, February 16, 9:00 am-4:30 pm

  • Hotel check-in after 3 pm

  • All food and beverage included


Limited seats available

(pricing is in CAD)


We will reply to your inquiry soon

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