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Michelle Rodney Bartalos

Michelle is a tenacious advocate for the marginalized and uses her passionate voice to inspire individuals to excel in all aspects of life despite systemic barriers.  She has held senior equity roles with the Ontario Principals’ council, Hamilton Wentorth, Toronto District and has effectively engaged and motivated elementary and secondary colleagues while working collaboratively with HR departments and unions. She brings a wealth of knowledge around combating Anti-Black racism to the Summit. Her workshop will provide mechanisms to recruit and retain for this key demographic.

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Chris D'Souza

Chris D'souza (M.Ed Equity Studies) has delivered over 5000 Equity and Inclusion lectures/workshops to agencies across Canada.  A DEI activist and National Award winner with the Harmony Movement, he is currently focused on developing, recruiting, and retaining Racialized and Indigenous talent.

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Pardeep Singh Nagra

Pardeep Singh Nagra is an international speaker and athlete.  An active member with the Sikh community, his DEI work and humanitarian service has earned him the YMCA Canada Peace Medal, University of Toronto Arbor Award, Region of Peel Chair’s Award for community service, Auxiliary Constable of the Year with Peel Regional Police, and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. His personal journey as a boxer seeking equity is the subject of the movie         

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Implementing a Transformative Hiring of Indigenous/Racialized Demographics (T.H.I.R.D.) Rail

Chris D'Souza

This keynote will examine the benefits of creating a THIRD rail within Human Resources that focuses solely on recruiting, retaining and promoting Racialized and Indigenous employees through mentorship.  The chronically under-represented Racialized and Indigenous attendees will come to understand why they must be given preferential treatment to foster not only well being but to encourage them to move up into management and/or superintendent positions. Tools will be provided to not only implement this practice but also how to defend the initiative within the organization so as to shift the equity needle permanently in the right direction.

Managing and Leading for Equity

Pardeep Singh Nagra

In this session we will examine the benefits, challenges and mechanisms involved in managing and leading for equity.  We will provide a detailed road map of the journey of Racialized and Indigenous mentees as well as provide guidance for them to navigate white supremacy in institutions.

Hiring a Different Demographic!

Michelle Rodney Bartalos

Hiring practices that promote the recruitment, retention, and advancement of Black and Racialized identities must be purposely constructed.  This workshop will explore how you can directly attract and recruit Black and Racialized personnel.  We will examine what is needed to support Racialized and Indigenous participants’ path into management areas.  Finally, there will be a focus on how bias and anti-Black racism manifests in work environments and how organizations can combat it using practical strategies to address resistance and promote inclusion in ways that are not tokenistic.

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Thursday May 5th, 6:30-8:30 pm
Friday May 6th, 9:00-4:00 pm

  • Hotel check-in after 3 pm

  • All food and beverage included

​​DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Toronto Airport West
5444 Dixie Road, Mississauga, ON, L4W 2L2

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